47 Brilliant Blogging Tips That Will Make Your Blog Successful (Secret)

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Blogging Tips That Will Make Your Blog Successful

Here I have shared some Blogging Tips and Tricks for new bloggers who need to follow.

Create your blog on WordPress.org: Super Easy & SEO Friendly

Start your blog on self-hosted WordPress (WordPress.org).

There are thousands of themes and plugins available for WordPress that help make your blog professional.

wordpress Blogging Tips

In addition, if there is a problem with your WordPress blog, then many tutorials will be easily found on the internet to fix them.

Connect your blog to Google Search Console Tool

Brilliant Blogging Tips – Submit your Website/Blog to Google Search Console

After creating your blog, submit it to Google Search Console.

This is a very good tool developed by Google.

In this tool, you can check how your blog is performing on Google.

Also, in Google Search Console, you can get valuable information about your blog such as Crawl Crawl errors, Ranking Keywords, impressions, etc.

Submit Sitemap for your Website: Blogging Tips

First, create Sitemap for your Blog.

After creating a Sitemap, click ‘Sitemap’ in the Google Search Console dashboard and paste the last part of your Sitemap’s URL (sitemap_index.xml) and then click on the submit button.

Submit Sitemap for your Website

Do not create Multi-Topic Blog

Often new bloggers make this mistake.

If you make a mistake in choosing your blog topic, you will not get success in blogging.

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Before starting blogging, find out which topic you like more and you can write well on that topic.

don't confuse google Blogging Tips

I would advise you to create a single niche blog.

Reason: Single niche blog ranks well in Google search results and they get success soon.

While Google does not understand a multi-topic blog.

Another reason, the DA (Domain Authority) of the multi-topic blog does not grow fast.

Publish Quality Content (Quality Content Matters)

Publish Quality Content- Blogging Tips

This is Brilliant Blogging Tips.

If you want to see your post in the first place in the Google search engine, then you first have to pay attention to the quality of content.

Always try to write unique and quality content.

In addition, your content should be interesting and evergreen.

And one thing you need to focus on, your article should be at least 1000 words.

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Because lengthy content performs better in search engines compared to short content.

But – Don’t Write nonsense.

Explain to any topic clearly and give complete information about it.

If you write a topic incomplete then the visitor will not like to visit your site.

Write Catchy Title but Don’t Clickbait

The title plays an important role in increasing CTR and User engagement on your blog.

If you write an excellent article but do not write catchy titles, then no one will click on your article.

Because 50% to 60% of people click on the article after seeing the title of the post.

If you write a compelling title with great content, then you have the following advantages:

  • More Readers
  • Incoming Links
  • New Subscriber

So, always write an Attractive and Unique title for your blog post.

Blogging Tips to Write an Attractive Title:

  • Keep the post title short (less than 60 characters)
  • Add your main keyword in Title Tag
  • Use the numbers in your title
  • Use modifiers

Use the media in your Article – Images, Videos, Infographics

Media improves the quality of your content and makes your content attractive and useful.

Use the media in your Article

Simply put, an Image can interpret 1000 words.

If you want to keep the visitor on your blog longer, do not forget to use the media in your content.

Blogging Tips to make SEO Friendly Permalink Structure

If you are using WordPress, its default permalinks structure is not SEO Friendly.

To make it SEO friendly, you have to select the post name option in Permalinks Structure.

Use SEO Friendly Permalink Structure

Blogging Tips to create SEO Friendly URLs:

  • Make your blog post URL short and simple
  • Add your target keyword
  • Do not add additional words to your URL

Optimize Meta Description

Meta Description is a brief description of your blog post that appears in the search result below the title.

Optimize Meta Description

Meta descriptions help to increase CTR on your blog.

It should be 156 characters with the focus keyword.

Always remember one thing, do not use keyword stuffing in meta descriptions.

Because it refers to black hat SEO.

Always Optimize your Images

Google can not read the image.

This uses the ALT tag to crawl the image, so use the Proper ALT tag for your image.

In addition, if you use a lot of images on your blog, then resize and compress them. This reduces your image size and improves loading speed.

Here’s a guide – How to do Image Optimization for Website (Like a Boss) – Step by Step

Improve your Website SEO

Without SEO, you can not rank your Article to the top in the search result.

SEO improves website ranking.

There are two types of SEO:

Learn more about – SEO

Promote your Content on Different Platforms

After publishing a blog post, it is very important to promote it.

Often, new bloggers only focus on content writing.

This is actually good but they should also promote their content.

After publishing your post, promote it in different places, people will know about your blog and if they like your content, they can also become your blog reader.

Customize your Blog Design – Like A Pro

This is the most important thing because it reflects your personality and puts the first impression on the visitor.

Always select a clean, responsive and lightweight theme.

If you do not want to spend money on themes, you can use free themes from wordpress.org, which comes with a responsive and premium look.

Speed-Up your Website: No one like Slow Loading Sites

Google emphasizes fast loading blogs.

In addition, if your blog takes more time to load, then no one would love to visit your blog.

They will exit immediately from your blog.

This will increase your bounce rate too.

Therefore, if you want top rankings in Google and want to give a visitor a better user experience, then make your blog fast.

Here’s a guide –(QUICK & EASY) How to Speed up WordPress Website: 18 Ways to Reduce Loading Time

Use Cache Plugin

Brilliant Blogging Tips – Cache Plugin makes your blog fast and reduces the load on your server.

A lot of Cache plugins are available for WordPress.

Use Cache Plugin

But I would recommend you to use W3 Total Cache.

It’s a free and Awesome Cache plugin.

Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN also improves the performance of your blog.

CDN stores the cache version of your blog on your server and serves users the content through the servers that are closest to the user’s location.

There are lots of CDN companies in the market.

Currently, I’m using Cloudflare on my site.

This is a very popular CDN company.

Optimize Database for Better Performance

If your blog is too old, obviously it may contain unnecessary data such as post revisions, spam comments, trash, transient options, orphaned metadata, etc.

These data increase your database size.

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By optimizing your database, you can reduce its size and improve database efficiency.

Do Perfect Research Keyword – Don’t Choose High SEO Difficulty Keywords

Brilliant Blogging Tips – Keyword Research helps you get a better rank in search engine.

This is the first step to write SEO friendly content.

Keyword Research is not a daunting task.

There are many great tools and websites that you can use to find the best keywords.

But Google’s keyword planner is the best free keyword research tool that is developed by Google.

Always choose low competition and high search keywords for your content.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords play an important role in increasing your organic traffic on your blog.

They are very targeted.

Benefits of using long-tail keywords:

  • Less competition
  • Better conversion rates
  • Rank well in search results
  • Helps to get more traffic from the search engine

Avoid Keyword Stuffing: Do not think about it

Keyword stuffing makes your content unnatural and makes a bad user experience on the reader.

If you think that by putting too many keywords in the blog post, your content will rank well, then you are absolutely wrong.

This strategy leads to your blog penalty.

Place keyword density 1.5% – 2% in your content.

Link your Special Content as much as Possible

If you have written an exclusive research article, try to link it as much as possible to your other content.

Also, add popular post widget to your blog’s sidebar.

Remove Bad Links from Your Site

Keep an eye on your blog’s link profile.

If your site has a lot of bad links or toxic links, it will affect your Domain Authority, ranking, and traffic too much.

You can use the SEMrush, Ahrefs, or LinkPatrol tool to track the link profile.

But there are many bloggers who do not pay attention to this and their rank decreases day-by-day in SERPs.

Apart from this, their DA also has a bad effect.

Post Daily Articles

If you publish posts regularly on your blog, it increases both your ranking and the reader.

But your content should be informative.

Therefore, publish quality and unique posts on your blog regularly, it helps to improve your Google ranking.

Create Internal Links

Internal linking is an important part of SEO.

If you use it correctly in your content, it further enhances your content quality and makes the content more useful for the visitor.

But by misusing, your organic search traffic may drop or Google may penalize your blog.

Internal link Provides relevant information about content to both the search engine and the user.

Install SSL Certificate – (HTTPS)

SSL means Secure Socket Layer Layer.

When you install the SSL certificate, your blog will open with the green lock icon in the user’s browser.

If you are a blogger, you can use a free SSL certificate.

There are several companies that provide free SSL certificate.

Google has also announced that HTTPS is a Ranking Signal.

Create High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are very important to increase domain authority, Google ranking, and website traffic.

The more backlinks on your blog, your blog will rank as good in the search engine.

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But if you make bad or low-quality backlinks for your site, it can badly affect your website’s ranking.

Increase your Website’s – DA (Domain Authority)

DA means Domain Authority.

This is a metric created on Moz’s development from 1 to 100.

Higher domain authority sites rank well in SERPs.

Blogging Tips for Improving Domain Authorization:

  • Publish quality content
  • On-Page SEO – Plays Vital Role in Increasing DA
  • Internal Linking
  • Create high-quality backlinks
  • Disavow bad links
  • Be patient and let your domain be old

Use good Fonts and Colors

Use the perfect fonts and colors for your blog.

So that the reader does not have any problem reading the blog post.

But there are many bloggers who make their blog very colorful.

Color blogs look good, but at the time of reading, they forget about the visitor’s attention.

Keep Paragraphs short: Easy to Read

Visitors do not like to read content with Lengthy paragraphs.

So keep paragraphs short. It makes your content reader-friendly.

You can see that I have used 4 lines for paragraphs in this article.

Also, use bold and italic for your important line. It attracts the visitor’s attention.

Use Social Share button

Use the social share button for your blog post.

So that visitors can easily share your blog posts on their favorite social networking sites.

Use only useful Plugins

Plugins increase the blog’s functionality.

But if you use a lot of plugins, your blog may be slow. Therefore, install only useful plugins on your blog.

Also, if your blog has Inactive plugins or themes, then delete them. The reason, they can cause security vulnerabilities.

Choose the right Hosting – for your Website

There are many hosting companies in the market that promise fast loading but after buying the hosting from them you will notice that they have cheated you.

The reason, your blog will be mostly in downtime and your blog will load very slowly.

Here I have listed some of the Fastest Hosting Providers, that you can use.

Therefore, it is very important to invest in the right web hosting.

To check the speed of any web hosting, you can use Pickuphost.

Choose the right Hosting For your Website

Use Fast Loading & SEO Friendly Theme

If you want to boost the traffic and ranking of your blog, use Fast Loading & SEO Friendly Theme.

Not all WordPress themes are SEO friendly and their coding is also not good.

If you choose the wrong theme, it will affect both your page speed and ranking.

You can purchase premium themes from Mythemshop, Themeforest, and StudioPress.

But if your budget is low, then you can use Free Theme GeneratePress or Astra.

Make your website Mobile-friendly

Okay, This is Brilliant Blogging Tips.


If your site is not mobile-friendly, Google will reduce your site’s ranking for mobile search and you will lose the opportunity to get traffic to your blog.

Make your Website mobile-friendly

Google uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor.

You can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Checker Tool to check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not.

If your site is not mobile-friendly, then you need to install a responsive WordPress theme on your site.

Blogging Tips to use proper Heading tags

The heading tag helps you create a readable blog post.

Suppose you have a blog post with a length of 5000-6000 words, but the appropriate heading tag is not used, then the visitor will find it difficult to read the post.

In addition, the H1 tag helps search engine search to understand what your page is about and boosts your rankings a bit.

Use the right Heading tags

There are many WordPress themes that do not use the H1 tag for the title.

If you use such a theme, you should use the H1 tag for your title.

Never use the H1 tag more than once.

Share Content on Social Media Sites after Publishing

Today almost all users are connected to social media sites.

So after publishing your post, share it on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

These platforms can help you get lots of traffic to your blog.

Update your Old Article and Share again on Social Media Sites

Update your old article with new keywords and images. Then share them on their new readers and social media sites.

If you are a WordPress user then you can use the Buffer or Revive Old Post plugin for automatic share.

These plugins automatically share your old post on social media sites.

Always reply to Comments from Visitors

This would be great – Brilliant Blogging Tips.

Always respond to comments from visitors. It makes good connections between you and the visitor.

And if they have any problems again, they will visit your site again.

Also, if you have a lot of comments on your article, Google will rank better in search results by treating your posts as useful.

If any spam comments are submitted, delete spam comments.

Noindex Category and Tag

Set Noindex for Category and Tag.

Because they can cause duplicate content in the search engine.

As a result, both your traffic and ranking can be reduced.

Even Google can penalize your site.

Noindex Author Archives

If you are running a single-author blog, disable Author Archives.

Because the author will have the same content on both the archives and the homepage.

This can cause duplicate content on your blog.

Set up Nofollow for Affiliate Links and Untrusted Links

Affiliate Links and Untrusted Links can harm your site’s ranking. Therefore, set rel = “no follow” tag for Affiliate Links and Untrusted Links link.

And for this, you can use the Ultimate Nofollow plugin. The plugin gives full control over the rel = “no-follow” tag. But it does not support Gutenberg.

In addition, if you use the plugin to manage your blog’s Affiliate Links, you can easily set the No-Follow attribute for your affiliate links.

Use Free Stock Images (Copyright Free)

Brilliant Blogging Tips – Search the images wisely for your article.

If you need images for your article, you can not use Google Images. They can be copyright and later can cause copyright issues.

You can use FreeDigitalPhotos, MorgueFile, Pixabay, Pexels, which offer free stock images.

Use Strong Password: Security First

If you use a weak password for your site, hackers can easily access your WordPress dashboard and install malware or malicious code.

Use Strong Password Blogging Tips

Therefore, always use a strong password.

Also, for better WordPress security, the password should be changed in a few days.

Use uppercase, lowercase, special characters # $ – ‘^ & for strong password.

Do not use the Admin for Username: It’s easy to Hack

If you use the Admin for the Username, then change it immediately. Everyone knows this username and hackers can easily hack such blogs.

Regularly Backup your Blog

Backup is the most important task for any blogger. However, when you start the blog, it is not that important. But there are many users who never care about it.

If you back up your blog and there is something wrong with your blog, then backups will help you.

Also, when you make changes to your blog, first make a full backup to the blog.

Make Blogging Your Passion

Here is the last tip but one of the most important blogging tips. Without Passion, you can not succeed in any business

Brilliant Blogging Tips

If you consider blogging your passion, you can easily get success in blogging.

All-Pro bloggers consider blogging as their passion and business. And so they are so successful in blogging.

Conclusion – 47 Brilliant Blogging Tips That Will Make Your Blog Successful

Here I told the Brilliant Blogging Tips for new bloggers.

Follow every single step to succeed in the Blogging World.

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If you have any questions, please tell us in the Comment Box. We will try to reply as soon as possible and answer your question.

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