Event Blogging: A Secret Guide to Make $1000 Fast

Event Blogging is created to target one of the events. So that when it is an event start, you can earn Earning from that blog.

To start an Event Blogging, you have to work 3-4 months before the event is started so that your blog should be ready at the time of the event and you can do good earnings from your blog.

When an event/festival starts, all people find related things to that event like Images, Quotes, Motivational Thought, Gif, Videos, etc, and you can easily upload all these things into a blog.

Therefore, Blog is the Best Option to Earning Online on any Event.

In today’s article, I will tell you about some Event Blogging Secrets, so that you can start an Event Blogging by targeting any event and also be able to earn your online earnings from that blog.

What is Event Blogging?

Event Blogging is a blog that is created to target an event or festival because when there is a big festival or event, people search the Internet funny, creative or informational things related to that event.

What is Event Blogging

So that Searches on that Particular Event is greatly increased at that time.

Many bloggers on the internet create blogs by targeting almost all events so that their Online Earning is greatly increased.

So if you also create a blog by targeting a festival, the chances of it are very high that you can earn good online earnings from an event.

Which is Best Platform for Event Blogging?

You have to create a Blog that can handle High Traffic easily because Event Blogging gets lots of traffic daily.

To create a Responsive Blog, you have the Best two platforms from Event Blogging in which you can create your Event Blog.

Use Blogspot for Event Blogging

Blogger is the Best platform to Start Event Blogging because you do not need to buy Hosting for your blog when you create a blog on Blogger.

You can create a Responsive Blog by simply purchasing a Custom Domain. You can create your blog at a very low cost.

Blogspot Features:

Use WordPress for Event Blogging

WordPress is the best platform for SEO, due to this, today most Event Bloggers start their Event Blogging on WordPress.

Because to start a blog on WordPress you need to buy Hosting, so making Blog on WordPress becomes a little costly.

Along with this, you need to Buy a Good hosting because if you buy Cheap Hosting it can’t Handle lots of Traffic.

WordPress Features:

  • Responsive Design
  • Free SEO Plugins
  • Easy to Rank your Website
  • Customizable templates
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Landing page templates
  • Custom landing pages

Note: If you are a beginner and want to start Event Blogging then you don’t need to buy Paid Hosting, just use Blogger for free.

Start Event Blogging

To start a Successful Event Blogging, you have to focus on some Basic Points so that you can create a Responsive and Successful Blog:

Effective Branding

To make any blog popular, it is very important to brand that blog because when you bring a blog in front of a brand, people believe in your blog and also visit your blog.

To branding a blog, you have to pay attention to some things:

Custom Logo & Favicon

The logo is very important for any brand because your blog is identified by the logo itself, so you must create a custom logo for your blog.

All companies create a logo for their brand, so just create a logo for your blog.

Social Media Accounts & Pages

Create Social Media Accounts & Pages so that you can promote your blog on social media sites.

Make Responsive Design

Making Responsive Blog very important because In Today’s time almost everyone searches with their Android Phone.

If your blog’s design is not responsive then it will not open well on Mobile or Tablet as well as your Readers will not be able to use the navigation system you have installed.

If your blog’s design is not responsive then it will not look good on Mobile or Tablet and your readers will not be able to use the navigation system that you have installed.

Understand Your Customers

When you create a blog, definitely create a Google Analytics account for that blog so you can find out which of your articles are getting more views, you can increase your Online Earning by creating more content on those same topics.

Defining Goal

It is very important to have a Goal for Event Blogging because unless you decide to do a Goal for your blog, you will not be able to make your Blog Successful Blog.

When you create a blog, then your blog should have articles of only one category, because if you publish articles of different categories on a blog, then both your Audience / Readers are confused and they will never visit your blog again.

So having a Goal for Blog is very important.

Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design for Event Blogging

When someone starts an Event Blogging they make some Common Mistakes on that blog, that’s why their blog is not known to be a Successful Blog.

Event Blogging

I’m telling you about some very important Points because when you start an Event Blog, do not do these mistakes at all.

Forced Keyword Optimization

Forced Keyword Optimization is called when we place keywords in many places to increase Keyword Density on our blog, which changes the meaning of our article, and people do not understand our article well. .

Therefore, you should do the Keyword Placement well and do not place keywords on such places where your Sentence is changing the meaning.

Don’t use Lots of content on a Single Page

When we create an Event Blog, many times, when we look at Competition, we write Lengthy and nonsense content, due to which our readers don’t like to read and share.

To avoid this, you can use the Page Bread feature so that readers can read the following pages by clicking on Reader Read More.

Use Good Element for Event Blogging

An Event Blog should have some essential elements that can make your blog unique and informative:

Clear Description

Blog Description is very important for any blog because people only know through the description that visiting our blog can give them the kind of knowledge or information they can get.

When we search about any topic on the Internet, the results that come before us, we first read the available description in those results, so that we know whether the article will be useful to us or not.

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That’s why you must write an Effective description for your blog.

Clear Navigation

With help from the Clear Navigation System, our readers can easily find Different Topics available at our Blog.

When we create a blog, then we have some features that we can use to navigate the navigation system very well on our blog like-

Menu Bar- Menu Bar is added to the Head of Blog / Website where we can Show Your Articles by Category wise.

This is the most important menu so you can add the Menu Bar Add Categories to your blog so that readers can easily find things.

SideBar – Depend on most Sidebar Themes because Sidebar is not available in so many Themes, so if Sidebar is available in your Template, then you must add some Important Widgets / Plugins to your Blog.

For Example Social Media Icon, Category, Popular Post, Recent Post, etc., so your readers can easily use your blog.

Footer Menu- Footer Menu also depends on the theme because Footer Menu is not available in many more Themes.

So, make sure you add some important pages such as About us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy pages to your Blog.

Event Blogging Earning Proof

Trust me. There is no limit to earning from Event Blogging.

You can make $1000 from Event Blogging without Ranking your Blog. It’s a fast & easy way to earn money.

You can use Adsense and Affiliate link on your Event Blogging.

Note: This is not my Adsense Earning, Screenshot is provided by my Best Friend.


Event Blogging Online is a very good option for Earning so that you can Increase Your Online Earning.

If you have any questions, please tell us in the Comment Box. We will try to reply you as soon as possible and answer your question.

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