14 Pro Blogging Tips for Beginners (Zero to Hero)

Pro Blogging Tips for Beginners | When you start a blogging career, you make many mistakes, So I recommend to all of you that you learn from the mistakes made by professional Bloggers and go ahead.

Blogging is a posture job but it is very difficult to maintain your blog. Especially when you think about living your life from your blog, then you have to take care of a lot of things, such as:

These are just some of the important Daily Blogging Tips, apart from this, you have to take care of a lot of things.

Pro Blogging Tips for Beginners

In this article, I going to tell you how you can do Pro Blogging as a Beginner. I will share some Pro Blogging Tips for SEO and Traffic.


So, let’s know more about “Blogging Tips and Tricks”

Do Blogging with Passion and Patience

Passion and patience, both are very important to blogging.

To blogging, always choose such a niche about which you know well and also a passion for you to write about it.

Blogging is not a plan to become rich overnight. You have to wait for money and money will come only when you follow a proper strategy.

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If you aim to earn money online only, search for any other aspect of online marketing because Blogging is not such a factor at all.

Make Blogging Strategy

Make schedules for blogging, How many articles will you write in a day or a week and how much time you spend in marketing your blog?

If you are planning to make money from Blogging, you have to think about all this as a serious business. You have to be dedicated and passionate about it.

Make a Social Media Marketing Strategy

The days went when Search Engines were the only sources for traffic. If you target Social Media Sites such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, you can also get a lot of traffic from them.

Some times you can drive more than search engine traffic, but remember that traffic is not easily accessible.

You will also have to interact with people who are interested in your niche in Social Media and you will also have to build a valuable relationship with them. With the exposure of social media in the right amount, you can make your new site even better.

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Link Building Strategy

When it comes to search engines, link building matters. Make a Proper Link Building Strategy and try to get backlinks from other blogs, especially from blogs with your niche.

Find the do follow blogs according to your niche. In this case, Commenting can help you with some help. Instead of spamming in Comment, you can add some value comments in the article.

Make Your Blog A Community

You should have something like a blog or environment whenever a new visitor comes to your blog, feel like a community and become part of that community.

Have great relationships with your Niche Bloggers

Interact with other bloggers of your niche by commenting on their blogs or via social media. This will be of great help to you because you will learn a lot from them.

Write Unique Content

If you are Blogger, you must know that “Content is King”. So never copy from other blogs write own 100% Unique articles.

Always reply Comments

Interact with your readers by replying to their comments. When someone replies to the comments of readers, they like it very well and they will come back and would like to comment again.

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Guest Posting

Guest posting on High Authority and high traffic sites will greatly benefit you. You will get quality backlinks and you will also get traffic on the blog.

Write for Readers

The major problem with new blogs is to bring traffic to them. I honestly say that when I started blogging then this work was also very difficult for me.

But over time I came to know that there is a thing called an SEO that helps you to rank well in the search engine. Whether SEO is important but that which is even more important is the readership

When you are writing about a topic, try to cover all other topics related to that topic in your niche. For example, on Digitaldurgesh.com we try to cover up every topic related to blogging so that the interaction of more and more people interested in this niche increases towards our blog.

Make your Blog design a reader-friendly

The design of your blog should be neat and navigation of your blog should be quite easy and simple.

It should be something that your readers can easily find whatever content they want on your blog. Your content also plays a major role, but remember that the first impression is the last impression. This will also help your readers stay connected with your blog.

Would you like to be on a webpage which is quite flashy and has styled colors? Would you like to visit a webpage that takes minutes to open? no, at all!

Use SEO Friendly Theme

Your blog template is good for SEO, If you can invest some money on the Premium themes then buy SEO-Friendly theme for your Blog.

Make Effective Title

As I mentioned earlier, “Content is King”

So writing High-Quality article’s is really good for your blog but also make your Title effective.

Write High-Quality Content and do not hesitate to link to other sites because this also gives you some of the few SEO benefits. Whenever you link to spammy sites, use the no-follow attribute.

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The title of your blog articles should be both SEO and reader-friendly. The title should be captivating for readers and you must also have important keywords in it.

Pro Blogging Tips for Beginners

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