9 ways to Properly Update Old Blog Posts (Ultimate Guide)

Did you know, your old post can give you up to a 51% traffic boost?

Yes… You heard it right. You just need to Update Old Blog Posts with the latest information.

When you Update your Old Blog Posts, both your traffic and readers will increase.

Apart from this, it also increases user engagement on your blog and reduces the bounce rate.

So, updating the content isn’t bad. Right?

Instead of it gives us free traffic that we want.

Why you should Update Blog Posts?

Eat, Sleep, Blog, Repeat.

We all do this – Once we publish a post then never update with new fresh information due to which those articles don’t rank on google search results.

We should update our outdated blog posts with fresh images, links, etc.

So, we can rank on google and get traffic without publishing a new article.

There are several benefits to updating the content. Here’s some of them:

1. Google loves fresh Content

I like fresh and updated content, you like it? even google loves fresh content. So, why you don’t update your content with fresh information, images, links, etc.

Why Google loves fresh Content

If you Update your Old Blog Posts it will rank top of Google search results. Because it has all the latest information that everyone wants.

Google always promotes fresh & unique content.

Also, Google displays a modified date in the search result which helps to get a high CTR on the blog post.

2. Helps to Improves Blog Post Quality

At the beginning of blogging, you have made many mistakes while writing content.

As your blog gets old, you also become an Experience, Blogger. And when you read your old content, you will find many mistakes in them. You can improve your content by correcting those mistakes.

If you want to get rid of a low-quality post, you should update them.

3. Increases User Engagement

If your content is outdated, visitors will not stay on your blog for a long time. They will immediately leave your site by clicking the back button.


As a result, your site’s bounce rate will increase. And Higher Bounce rate is not good from SEO’s perspective and it shows that your content is not interesting and useful.

You can keep visitors on your blog for a long time by updating Old Content with Fresh Information.

4. You can get thousands of Comments

Most old blog posts do not have a single comment. You can republish them with fresh and new information.

how to get thousands of Comments

By updating your old posts it will boost the number of comments on your article.

5. You can link with new and improved content

By updating your content, you can link your new and fresh content. This makes your content more valuable to Google and your blog readers.

Also, you have published an article on Related topic, then you should link to it. This is the best way to increase attract your readers to your blog.

6. You can share your Post again & again

Getting a lot of traffic from social media? Hey, That’s great. The search engine uses social sharing as ranking factors.

You can promote your Updated Blog Posts like new. Heck yeah!
It will improve your blog traffic and grow faster.

7. Your Content can be updated with New Google Algorithm

Google always updates to improve its algorithm.

Make sure that all your old content follows Google’s latest Algorithm. If not, it’s time to Update Old Blog Posts with Google Algorithm.

Which blog post should be updated?

Before updating a blog post, you need to know which post should be updated.

The answer would be – you should update your old outdated blog posts and low traffic blog posts.

how to update blog posts

Below I have mentioned some conditions that you should consider.

  • The outdated blog post should be updated.
  • Blog posts that do not get organic traffic
  • Update the post with zero comments.
  • Low-quality content that does not provide any value.
  • Short and content should be updated.

You can easily find low traffic blog posts through Google Analytics Tool and analyze refreshing them.

Just log in to Google Analytics and then click on Behavior >> Site Content >> All Pages. And set “Advanced Filter” for Pages that have received less than 10 Views in the last month.

How to Update Old Blog Posts?

Now, you may have understood the value of updated content. It’s time to update your content.

But, do you know how to properly do it?

Here are some tips you can follow up to update fresh Content.

1. Update with new Information

If your blog post is out of date, you need to add new information.

Update Old Blog Posts with new Information

Search related articles (recently published/updated) on the web and analyze how their content is better than your old content. Then make changes to freshen up your old blog posts.

2. Rewrite your Post Title

The title plays an important role in increasing the CTR on your content as many people see the title before reading the content.

How to Rewrite your Post Title

So after updating your content, make sure that your title is attractive.

If your title is not worthy to attract the visitors, then you need to pay attention to your title.

Here’s a quick guide on how to write catchy titles:

  • Keep the title of the post short (50-60 characters).
  • Use the numbers in the title.
  • Modifiers use Word (“2019”, “best”, “guide”, “checklist”, “fast” and “review”).
  • Keep your title clear so that it can easily read your blog post.
  • Use “why” and “how”. These words make your title more attractive.

3. Improve Spelling and Readability

Okay, my native language isn’t English, and I do lots of grammar mistakes. But Grammarly fixes all weird mistakes for me.

So, you should Install Grammarly on your chrome and fired up all those grammar mistakes.

Install grammarly chrome extension

The heading tag helps you to create a readable blog post. Suppose you wrote a post whose length is 5000-6000 words, but the correct heading tag is not used, then the visitor will be hard to read the content.

4. Keep Paragraphs short

Readers don’t like lengthy paragraphs they prefer reading short and clean paragraphs.

Always try to keep your paragraph short. This improves the readability of your content.

Also, make your important line bold and italic. This gives your content more readable.

5. Add New Images to Your Post

An image speaks a thousand words and keeps the visitor for a long time on your website.

If you update your lengthy content (4,000 words), use the image in it so that visitors are not bored.

Make sure that your image is high quality and that your content fits well with the layout.

Also, be sure to compress and resize your images before uploading them.

But remember one thing you can not use Google Images because they can be copyright and put you in trouble.

Here’s a list of Websites, where you can download copyright-free Images:

  1. Pexels
  2. Pixabay
  3. Unsplash
  4. Morguefile
  5. FreeDigitalPhotos

6. Republish your Old Blog Post

After updating your Old Blog Posts, you can republish the blog post again by changing the publish date in the WordPress post editor.

publish date in wordpress

By doing this you can show your post again on the homepage. Alternatively, you can make your blog post sticky.

If you update your blog post deeply, you can publish it again. This strategy helps you get a lot of traffic without publishing new content.

7. Add New and Fresh keywords

I’m sure, you must have made a lot of mistakes in choosing keywords in the early days of blogging! Also, old keywords are not very effective.

When you update your old post, use the newest keyword. Also, use the related keyword.

Add New and Fresh keywords

There are many great tools and websites in the market that can help you find effective keywords for your article.

Add your focus keyword to the title and Meta description once to the beginning of the article (within 100 to 150 words).

8. Do Internal Linking on your every Blog Post

Heard about Internal linking?

Linking one page to another on the same domain name is called Internal linking.

It not only improves your website SEO and pageview, but it also makes your content more useful for visitors and also helps to reduce the Bounce rate.

9. Promote content after Updating your Posts

After updating your content, share it with all the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. These sites help in getting good traffic to your posts.

Also, tell your subscribers about the updated content by Newsletter.


Updating old blog posts is the most important part of blogging. If you update old content, it improves your search engine ranking and makes the content more valuable.

Use these strategies which I have mentioned in this article, it will help to increase traffic on your Old Blog Posts. And you’ll see fast improvements in overall site traffic and ranking.

Share this article everywhere with love.

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